Building the Champion Within



Felipe Pomar - Tom Woods -    Jeff Hakman


Founders of  Surf Till 100

and the 

Masters of the Basics Program


Champions, Still Surfing Big Waves After 70 Plus Years


We are Dedicated to developing the Champion that lives

within all of us.


How ?

By teaching you how to  Successfully Master many of the Basics of a Healthy Lifestyle;

Diet, Exercise,Emotional Resilience,  

Relationships, Involvement in a  Supportive Community


We are Sharing Our Hard Earned Secrets to   


The Heart and the Mind of a Champion

Within You 


To make life better for us all!



Surf Riders of Peru Expedition

Mid May - 2021 


A Once in a Lifetime Experience for Only 16 Invitees


Join Living Surfing Legends Felipe Pomar and Jeff Hakman  and a supporting Staff of Lifestyle Professionals that can help transform your life .


Our Expedition Mission:

To take bold and committed adventurers on an expedition into the Ancient Temples of our Planets Earliest Surfers and the unfoldment of

the Knowledge to Surf  Till 100


Programs To Help Develop

The Champion Within You

Heart Wave Adventures

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